Zuhair Murad Creates Stunning Mystical Art for Fall 2022 Haute Couture Collection

Inside the Zuhair Murad Fall-Winter 2022–2023 Haute Coutue Collection

Daring Designs

In this collection, there are a few design elements that continue to stand out. Murad’s inspiration for this gallery was all about the spiritual plane and venturing into those other spheres. For this, Murad focused on just about every mystical art, from astrology to palmistry, to Tarot cards. Even zodiac signs made an appearance. As a result, there are elements both physically pleasing but also spiritually pleasing.

Cutout Couture

As we step away from the more insightful ideas about the collection, let us look at something more fashion-forward. Cutouts, both in street fashion and on the runway, are something quite popular. Showing skin is always a trend, and we welcome it with open arms. In this ensemble, these missing pieces are fashionably placed and highlight the body well. Some accentuate the waist, leaving a more hourglass look to the wearer. Others are lower down on the hip, giving a more full look. Either way, these cutouts are designed for beauty and to make the human body that much more beautiful.

High-Style Hues

Everyone loves primary colors, especially with a bold print. As the audience, this love is completely fulfilled by Murad. In addition to eye-catching patterns, the color scheme is entirely that. Eye-catching. Some of the most prominent colors are a bright purple and an even brighter green. It is vibrant and full of life. Murad creates the unexpected, especially in a line inspired by astrology. Most would think that the entire collection would be dark blues or blacks. While these colors are featured, they are not the only ones at play here. Murad contrasts daring designs with dark backgrounds and glamourous colors with little to no design element. It is shocking exactly what Murad was thinking.

Mind-Blowing Materials

Odd designs? Check. Vivid colors? Check. And yet, there is still something more dauntless in this gallery. Murad displays just about every fabric known to man. He used feathers, tulle, silk, and even metal for belts. No two dresses look the same, and the material just showcases how different each and every design is. For the onlooker, you cannot complain about the same style being used. There is something for everyone. The only real consistency in the materials is the beauty on display.

Wrapping Up

Zuhair Murad, designer for the stars, is now designing the stars. In his new collection with a magical vibe, each piece has its own style and elegance. It’s bold, it’s bright, and it has a true meaning behind the artwork. Murad finds beauty in the spiritual but also strength and honesty. If you want to make a fashion statement visually, it definitely works. However, if you want a conversational piece about the meaning behind a runway look, there is certainly potential in this lineup. We hope to see this line at the next red carpet event, as it would wow and excite any onlooker. Check out the entire collection at Zuhair Murad.com or on Instagram @zuhairmuradofficial!



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A timeless luxury lifestyle magazine that inspires and empowers women in the world of luxury living.