Vintage House Hotel Douro: An Idyllic Setting

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In the heart of the Douro region, one of the most stunning areas of Portugal, the Vintage House Hotel is the ideal place for a relaxing holiday in contact with nature. Its interiors convey elegance, but at the same time comfort, history and tradition. For lovers of gastronomy, and particularly wine, this is a unique and unmissable experience!

Read on to peek inside The Vintage House Hotel Douro.

Explore The Vintage House Hotel Douro

The Hotel

In fact, this hotel has a very attractive history because it was previously a winery (and located in boneless then the primordial Douro wine region). During your stay, you will find barrels where the wine is kept.

No one can remain indifferent to the hotel’s brilliant design. We can define its decor as vintage chic. The interiors are clearly elegant, but at the same time, with a retro and cozy look. The predominant colors are blue and yellow, which combine perfectly with the green of the landscape.

It is impossible to describe the feeling of well-being, tranquility, and peace that the view from the room conveys. The fact that it is a place without many people, without confusion, is, for sure, one of the most differentiating aspects of the hotel. Sounds from nature play throughout the space, which made a perfect connection to the hotel.

The Restaurant and The Bar

During your stay at Vintage House Douro, you can (and should) enjoy an appetizing meal in its restaurant, “Rabelo”. We can highlight the duck surprise with onion compote, mixed mushrooms with truffled cress, and potato cream-from the look to the taste, it was absolutely wonderful. We also couldn’t resist the codfish, swim bladder stew, white bean purée, and mini cabbage.

In the most popular wine region, we cannot forget the uniqueness of the wine list. We suggest accompanying your gastronomic experience with an incredible Douro wine.

It is also worth mentioning the bar, where the vintage furniture stands out. All spaces in the hotel have a design agreement. In the “Library”, you can enjoy a nice glass of wine or an exquisite cocktail and relax a little or take the opportunity to socialize, as the place is very conducive to this thanks to its familiar, friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

The Douro Region

The Vintage House Hotel Douro is undoubtedly located in one of the most charming areas of Portugal! Tranquility and serenity are the keywords. Thus, the river in Pinhão is the scene of one of the most wonderful visits ever. In addition, the Douro Valley has a great diversity of vineyards. Douro wine is one of the favorites and is well known worldwide.

Therefore, for wine lovers, we strongly recommend Port wine. During your visit to the hotel, peek inside the world of wines and dare to taste the best wines.

Above all, it is a place enriched by an unparalleled history and culture, where legends and traditions add incomparable value. We fully believe that this excellent location is a great advantage and a reason to visit the Vintage House Hotel.

The Most Enriching Experiences

The Vintage House Douro has a wide range of experiences along the Douro. For example, for a romantic itinerary in the Douro, look at their Romantic Experience. Why not think about a weekend with your better half?

In fact, the gastronomic experience and the Douro Wine Lover Experience will be the strong point and the most recommended, mainly because of the location. For all those who like to know the cuisine of the place they are visiting, this hotel has the unique combination you need.

Words by Sílvia Oliveira
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