EcoMassage: Heaven for a Healthy Body & Mind

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A relaxing massage after a week of work-what a great start to a perfect weekend! After all, it is essential to have a healthy body, mind, and spirit to maintain balance in daily life. EcoMassage promises to be paradise amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city for a calmer and more delicate life.

Currently, you can find EcoMassage & Esthetics in Porto and Lisbon, so on your next visit to these cities, it’s a place you should remember and definitely visit!

EcoMassage: The Dream Place to Relax

The Perfect Connection with Nature

When you enter EcoMassage, you immediately perceive the combination that exists with nature, demonstrating the name “Eco” uniquely. First, the decoration of the space is simple, natural, and visually clean, with the presence of several plants. The predominant colors are neutrals, mainly white and, of course, green, from plants.

Then when you head upstairs, you quickly realize that everything is eco-friendly. For example, the flasks were made of glass to cause the least possible environmental impact, the products used are organic, and the paper used in the tables is recycled, among others.

These details make all the difference, and we must increasingly make conscious choices for the environment that will also benefit our well-being and health.

The Harmonious Environment of the Massage Areas

In addition to the design of the space and the products used, the atmosphere created within the massage areas is lovely.

Certainly, music is a prominent element of the environment. Played on a very chill low volume throughout the entire experience to match the atmosphere. Likewise, the space engaged our sense of smell, a relaxing aroma filling the massage room.

In our words,

A paradise in the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city.

The Massage Moment-Relaxation, But Also Therapy

Offering many massage options, it is possible to choose between Thai massages, chair massages, Ayurvedic Massage, Chi Nei Tsang Massage, among many others.

EcoMassage is keen to differentiate itself from other spaces. It does not want to be just a place to relax (although that is the main objective!). But also a place where there are therapeutic massages, which help in the treatment of some diseases. For this, they have qualified professionals for this type of treatment and massages.

During the massage, the feeling of relaxation and relief from everyday stress is the ideal balance between body and mind that anyone needs. For us, these moments of harmony should be a priority on a mental level. The oils used in the massage were wonderful.

Initially, therapists assess whether there are any areas of the body where there is pain, contractures, or tension. After this assessment, a very empathetic relationship is created between the employee and the client, from the first to the last moment in this space.

Throughout the massage, a total amount of comfort is given. The therapist asks several times if everything is as the client wants, if they are enjoying it and if the intensity of the massage is adequate for what they are feeling.

Discover all the types of massage you can do at Ecomassage and make your reservation now. Take the opportunity and visit to let yourself be inspired!

Words by Sílvia OliveiraPortugal for Design Lovers, Lh Luxury City Guides to Lisbon, Porto, and More!
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