Discover the Best Outdoor Dining Spots in NYC

Explore 20 of the Best Outdoor Dining Spots to Know in NYC!

La Mercerie

Our best outdoor dining NYC list couldn’t start in a better way. This outdoor space is magnificently decorated, combining elegance with relaxation. There is a patio area that has string lights, beautiful for dinner and inspiration from nature, with various plants. The food served at La Mercerie is reminiscent of French food, but with added variety.

Altro Paradiso

Altro Paradiso is a must-see in New York. This incredible space is located in one of the quietest corners of Soho. The entire menu is inspired by Italian cuisine. This restaurant is the perfect space for those who like a lively atmosphere, which has contributed to the recognition of a very relaxed and fun nighttime atmosphere.

The Crosby Hotel Terrace

We love this space because it has a large terrace, which combines relaxation with nature. Thus, the atmosphere becomes very inviting for brunch or even to relax on a beautiful sunny afternoon with a glass of champagne. The Crosby Hotel is reminiscent of a beautifully decorated garden and is located in the heart of Soho.


Dante is probably one of the most historic Outdoor Dining Spots in New York City. This restaurant has been a big draw. Consequently, many actors, musicians, and writers choose this site. At this beautiful establishment, its fundamental values are well preserved: enjoying life’s small pleasures, with a cup of coffee and lots of smiles.


Dudley’s motto is the creation of a welcoming and comfortable environment. In other words, the space projects a familiar atmosphere, reminiscent of the comfort of a home. The menu features a variety of fine food. Besides that, it is a popular spot for cocktails and wines.


One more suggestion for the best outdoor dining in NYC. We are sure that Guaverra’s is the ideal option for vegans. Actually, it’s a very trendy and Instagrammable cafe. Moreover, its pink decoration makes the atmosphere very pleasant and even young. In addition, the space has several plants in its decoration, ideal for nature lovers.

Little Ways

American culture is presented through the dishes made at Little Ways. The restaurant has become known on social media for having on its menu a cocktail called “Harry Styles”, which is made from watermelon, in memory of their music and also celebrating summer vibes. You can join for outdoor and indoor dining in the heart of Soho.

Angelina Paris at Carolina Herrera

The aim was to bring a little bit of Paris and its beauty to the Upper East Side, through the collaboration with Angelina. The outdoor cafe is ideal for those with a sweet tooth, as it features a wide variety of sweets, especially macarons.

Silver Apricot

Silver Apricot is located in the heart of New York’s West Village. As the chefs of this incredible restaurant present Chinese culture for NYC. They are emigrants and they want to represent them through gastronomy, because after all, through food it is possible to memorize traditions. Through the food and the entire atmosphere of the restaurant, we can see an atmosphere of hospitality.

Milk and Roses

Certainly one of the Italian-influenced restaurants in NYC that you’ll love. The inspiration for the dishes and even the decoration at Milk and Roses comes from the south of Italy. However, it should be noted that the food is very American in terms of its traditions and culture. Craft beers and classic cocktails stand out. The space is impeccable for anyone who wants to organize a private event, as it has a large garden.

STK Rooftop

The great specialty that distinguishes STK Rooftop is meat. You can enjoy a delicious meal with meat, prepared by Chef Seth Levine, who showed his talent for the kitchen in “Hell’s Kitchen: Season 5”. Likewise, the view from this place is wonderful, which allows you to enjoy an admirable meal, with a beautiful atmosphere.

Monarch Rooftop Bar

Obviously, on our list of best outdoor dining in NYC, the rooftops could not be missing. This rooftop with an absolutely captivating view, worthy of a movie. Monarch Rooftop is great for those who just want to have a drink, enjoy the view, and hang out with friends. Its great specialty is cocktails. It is located in the 18th-floor penthouse.

The Crown

You can find this rooftop on the 21st floor of the Hotel 50 Bowery. It is possible to enjoy a good cocktail while enjoying the breathtaking views of Manhattan and Brooklyn. It is recognized for its drinks. For example, regional craft beers and wines. Further, you can still find some delicious snacks on the menu, such as pan-fried chicken dumplings.

The Roof

The Roof at Public Hotel transmits such good energy! Many people refer to this space as the best place to enjoy the views of New York City. In the same vein, at night it becomes a place of pure fun, with the presence of DJs from all over the world. During the day it is a very pleasant place to relax while soaking up the sun or work.


Westlight is a bar located at the top of William Vale in Williamsburg. The dynamic menu comprises a wide variety of drinks and some snacks. For example, the food is very much inspired by global street food.

The Press Lounge

From the Press Lounge, you can see one of the most romantic views of Manhattan. This rooftop is located in the INK48 Hotel. As in the previous cases, there is an extensive list, mainly of drinks, including cocktails and wines.

St. Cloud Rooftop

St. Cloud Rooftop is located on top of the luxurious Knickerbocker Hotel. Sophistication is the watchword when someone refers to this space. From the refined and elegant chairs to the food, everything is very glamorous. Besides that, you can opt for a private room.

More to Love!

Love Happens at the Knickerbocker Hotel, Times Square


Pizza fans, this one is for you! Nino’s is an Italian restaurant, with a wide variety of options, mainly pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven and pasta. The patio resembles a tropical place through its decoration, such as palm trees.

The Tyger

The Tyger restaurant is totally inspired by Southeast Asia. Thus, the kitchen is characterized as contemporary. Above all, it’s not very common for us to find East Asian-inspired restaurants in NYC, for instance, from Thailand and Malaysia. In this way, it is a great suggestion for those who like to combine culture with food and for those who like to try new things.

Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds is for sure one of the best outdoor dining spots in NYC. It is typically Japanese, mainly for its food. There is a space called the “summer pavilion”, where you can have large dinners with friends or family, as it is very spacious.



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