10 of the Most Exclusive Private Members Only Clubs

10 of the Most Exclusive Private Members Only Clubs

1.The Arts Club in Dubai, UAE

A variation of the original Arts Club in London, The Arts Club in Dubai is just what the name suggests. This member would be vastly interested in culture. Exhibitions of the latest pieces, podcasts, and discussions on literature are just some of the member events happening throughout the year.

3. Allbright Mayfair Club in London, England

For our women interested in business, Allbright Mayfair Club is perfect for you. In the heart of Mayfair is an all-women club where possibility is endless. Run by women and for women, there are so many different ways to both learn and relax. There are discussions and talks, as well as classes that women can take to better their business knowledge. The Allbright is not all work, but the restaurants and a hair salon are also available for members. Privacy is easy at Allbright, where there are lounges and office spaces to work or relax.

4. Silencio in Paris, France

Silencio is about the most exclusive of all members clubs in Europe, making it key on the top in the world list, as they are off-the-grid. There is no website, only an Instagram with a few black and white photos, and the entrance is a descent into an underground club. This may not sound luxurious, but once you reach the inside, you understand what the hype is all about. Founded by American filmmaker David Lynch, Silencio is for the inner artist struggling to escape.

5. Jncquoi Club in Lisbon, Portugal

Food club? Count us in! However, Jncquoi is no ordinary foodie’s dream. Privacy and exclusivity are just as savory as the dishes. For those who want a “gastronomical” experience, Jncquoi has weekly menus and special dinner events. While we all focus on food, Jncquoi also has deep panel discussions, local DJs and musicians, as well as other get-togethers hosted in the bar upstairs.

6. The Carnegie Club at Skibo Castle in the Scottish Highlands

You want privacy? How about 8,000 acres of seclusion? The Carnegie Club has everything to offer, literally everything. In addition to horseback riding, archery, mountain climbing, four-wheeling, and golfing, a spa is available for the less adventurous. Of course, the inside of the castle is completely decked out in a regal style. Every room is different, with unique touches of elegance, and some have libraries in towers.

7. Annabel’s Club in London, England

The most exclusive members clubs in the world aren’t just about business deals. The entertainment is just as important. At Annabel’s Club in London, the party has been the main focus for quite some time. With all the restaurants and bars at the club, each room has its own theme. From jungle-themed to menus dedicated to distant lands, Annabel’s takes the cake in originality.

8. The China Club in Berlin, Germany

A melting pot of culture and taste is definitely on the menu at The China Club in Berlin. Inside the center of the capital city, this oasis is marketed as a “home away from home” for members. For art junkies, food addicts, and collectors, the China Club is the place to be.

10. Carlyle & Co in Hong Kong

Elegance and luxury galore! Carlyle and Co. created an oasis of privacy and delicacy in the bustling country of Hong Kong. It has just about everything the heart could desire in one singular location. If you want all the perks of a member’s club, Carlyle & Co. is the place to be. Inside is a barber, a library, a shoeshine, a theater, a fitness center, and a speakeasy. As if you could possibly want more, there is a full-service wellness spa and world-renowned chefs. With these kinds of perks, a member would never have to leave the comfort of the club.

Wrapping Up the Most Exclusive Private Members Clubs

So, that’s the comprehensive list that was promised at the beginning of this article. From exclusive food, private concerts, benefits, and luxurious items, each and every one of these clubs offers something amazing for the members. All over the world, adults can be a part of a community. A community of like-minded individuals who just enjoy the finer things in life. If you are dying to be a part of any of these private members clubs, you are definitely in good hands.



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A timeless luxury lifestyle magazine that inspires and empowers women in the world of luxury living.